Project Description

Release:  September 2013 Cancelled
Summary:  “Precinct is a new police adventure video game from Jim Walls, creator of the classic Sierra series “Police Quest”. Precinct takes players on a police adventure as officer Maxwell Jones in the corrupt town of Fraser Canyon, CA. Starting out as a rookie and then moving up the ranks, players face adrenaline charged scenarios and conduct real police procedures while solving crimes and arresting perpetrators.” – Fund Precinct

$25,000 – Proof of Concept
This allows us to build and deliver you a short but playable sample of Precinct. This Proof of Concept will clearly illustrate how the user interface will operate and how the basic navigation of the game will function.  During this phase of development we will be working closely with the Precinct Backer community, conducting polls and discussing basic elements of story and gameplay.

$90,000 – Vertical Slice
Hitting this funding mark will allow us to build and deliver you a more comprehensive example of the Precinct experience without actually building the entire backend components. This will likely be a partial or complete mission that shows off how you progress in the game. Some of the game’s novel features and  gameplay “hooks” will also be present.  During this phase we will be working with the Precinct Backer community, incorporating feedback and suggestions from the Proof of Concept build.

$250,000 – Game Demo
This funding level allows us to complete many of the required tools and tech needed to deliver a final game.  This is the official demo that is meant to immerse you into the world of Fraser Canyon and the type of adventure that lays within.  This build of the game is to include a reasonable level of gameplay polish as well as story elements.  Backer collaboration will be critical at this stage as the game will be very much solidified on its course to a final version.

$400,000 – Full Game
This is the official release of Precinct, which is a product of our team’s hard work and  our collaboration with the Precinct Backer community.