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Sierra Classics Launcher is a replacement program for the original launcher included with Vivendi’s 2006 releases of Space Quest, King’s Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, and Police Quest. It can be customized to launch any game.



  • Build a Game Collection database with up to 7 Game configurations
  • Select Game Art for the Collection or individual Games
  • Launch to DOSBox, ScummVM or a custom program/shortcut with custom arguments




Version History

  • (17 July 2013)
    • Updated Program Logo and About information.
  • (5 August 2012)
    • Changed ScummVM Launch Process
      • Uses Game Path for -p argument and Executable for Game Identifier
      • Includes old method of passing only arguments to application
      • Refer to: Command Line Options
    • Added ability to put any application in Program field
    • Added Open menu item under File for opening a database
    • Small gui changes
  • (26 July 2012)
    • Added checkbox for remembering last opened database on application close
      • Note: Application saves config during close (not game database files)
    • Added tooltip variable info to Preferences
    • Small gui changes
    • Recoded launching of applications
    • Added the ability to launch other applications
      • To use: leave program field blank and SCL will start process with Game Path & Game Exe with Game Cmd for arguments

More History



Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


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